Lorayne McGovern

About Me

In late 2017, right after my 61st birthday I had a life-changing brush with death. I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, was given just a few months to live. Then, as if that wasn’t enough to deal with, I had an allergic reaction to a chemo pill and wound up in hospice with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. (a rare and sometimes deadly reaction to a medication) Fortunately, I walked out of hospice a month later, with the aide of a walker.

This traumatic life event made me reevaluate my life. By the Grace of God I was saved and given a second chance at life. Which opened a whole new can or worms for me! What was my purpose? Why was I saved? What am I suppose to do or accomplish? Why am I still here? Pretty heavy stuff that kept me awake at nights for years wondering what the answers where. I still wonder about these things but now sleep, most nights, through the night without nightmares of my ordeal and the questions of it all.

My First Two Acts of Life

I have been fortunate during the first Two Acts of my life to earn a living doing what I love, which was graphic design. Self-employed for over 30 years, I loved the creative process and making clients happy with my work. And in my spare time I would craft and paint.

To view a fun picture resume of my first Two Acts, click here.

My Third Act in Life

During the long recovery of my illness, which was emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual,
I suddenly found I had loads of time, so I picked
up by paint brushes again. Painting during this time of recovery was not only soothing, but also therapeutic for me. I could get lost in the process for a few hours and forget all the horrors of my ordeal.

Just as I was finally getting my act back together and ready to get back to real work, 2020 and Covid-19 hit!

For me this was actually a huge blessing in disguise! I had already been stuck at home recovering for two years, so another year at home was no biggie! It just gave me more time and another excuse to devote more time to painting!

This journey into my Third Act of life of painting in watercolors is just beginning, and I’m excited about how it will look! I have renewed goals and dreams about my future.

I am BEYOND grateful for God’s Grace in saving my life and crazy as it sounds, the cancer nurse navigator who told me to create my legacy. I hope my art is what that is.

Meet my loves.



My lovey-dovey, huggy dog. Rescued from the Humane Society, she makes me laugh everyday!



Also a rescue pet, she loves to tease Quinn into a game of chase around the house!



My mom’s 4 pound Teacup Yorkie, who I now care for. He runs for cover when the playing starts.